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Manakeep 728x90
(Nov 23, 2014)
Awesome see you in game!
(Nov 23, 2014)
GMG gave me a 23% off code and I got wildstar for $30.80. Patience rocks. Will apply the code later this week.
(Nov 20, 2014)
I have 2 more 7 day free trial keys for Wildstar if anyone else wants to try it out.
(Nov 12, 2014)
Wildstar's price has dropped to $40 and there was just a huge expansion with new content, tons of bug fixes, and lots of UI changes.
(Oct 16, 2014)
Megaservers are now up on Wildstar.. one PVE and one PVP server :D
(Oct 14, 2014)
that's an interesting way to put it. And Happy belated bd...:-D
(Oct 13, 2014)
I've heard beary mixed things about it
(Oct 10, 2014)
U15 is up on 1
(Oct 07, 2014)
Heal-tanked nightmare machine tyrant! \m/(^.^)\m/
(Oct 03, 2014)
don't think that's how AA works
(Oct 03, 2014)
step 1 dl game, step 2-11 skip, step 12 play game...
(Oct 02, 2014)
So does archeage have a 12 step program?
(Sep 22, 2014)
I'll be on today around 4-5 if you wanna play
(Sep 21, 2014)
I did but I was alone. I don't care that your message was from 9 hours ago. :p
(Sep 21, 2014)
Toi get on GW1!!
(Sep 21, 2014)
Got your mail Buro!No ques on Inoch today!
(Sep 21, 2014)
It should calm down soon enough.Hopefully!
(Sep 21, 2014)
I downloaded the game but im not waiting in a line to join, I'll start it up and give it a shot later
(Sep 21, 2014)
yup I sent you an in game mail, hopefully the additional severs help...
(Sep 20, 2014)
I added you btw Buro,I see you got in and at lvl 9!