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(May 10, 2015)
Hey Bel glad your enjoying WS...U16 is GooD..too bad there is not many of us left to enjoy it..
(May 07, 2015)
How is U16? The notes you put up looked interesting. I wish i could get back into it and play with you guys again but I'm just too hooked on Wildstar.
(May 04, 2015)
may the fourth be with you
(May 03, 2015)
Wish I could get back into it but I just can't.Playing BF4 a couple/3 nights a week though.Hope ya'll are well. ;)
(May 02, 2015)
U16 drops on Monday. ...for the few of us left anyway...
(May 01, 2015)
US #abandoned
(May 01, 2015)
Enjoy....Have a rum n coke on me.
(May 01, 2015)
Headed to Puerto Rico!
(Apr 17, 2015)
Big celebration for 10 years of GW1: annual event lasts 2 weeks instead of 1. Glad to see they care.
(Apr 01, 2015)
Can't wait for today to be over. April fools is dumb.
(Mar 27, 2015)
Was enjoying pillars of eternity, but then important items starting vanishing from my inventory. C'mon obsidian :(
(Mar 21, 2015)
Lol yes I did hit rank 10, and yeah I went to brandy for a little while to gear up and get some stuff for my other toons a little easier
(Mar 18, 2015)
He must have hit warg 10 and now exists in all pvp zones simultaneously
(Mar 18, 2015)
Yo Lane where did ya go...another X-fer to Brandy?
(Mar 14, 2015)
everyone can enjoy pi day
(Mar 13, 2015)
Happy Pi day tomorrow T
(Mar 07, 2015)
GW2 is on sale again this weekend at the official site ( for 10 usd, if you're really interested.
(Mar 01, 2015)
I mostly just pay the bills
(Feb 28, 2015)
Hey Brisket, Alot of people have left over the last 3 years, but there are some of us left..Myself,Damo,Bram, n Lane of those who you would remember..and Toiben checks in for his Dwarf humor..;]