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Manakeep 728x90
(Aug 30, 2015)
GW2 just went fully free to play. As in, you can play for free now. Expansions will still cost money though.
(Aug 26, 2015)
Transfered my warg from Brandy to Crick took about 2-3min...worked well n fast. side note I have 2 wargs on crick it allowed me to keep both.
(Aug 19, 2015)
If you have leftover FC points, pls log in to TSW and buy Issue 12 after tomorrow's update. It'll help show FC that people are interested in dungeons and such.
(Aug 06, 2015)
Lol! Hope ya'll are well too!Busy,busy here guys.Hoping to get back into the swing of things soon! :)
(Aug 05, 2015)
You do too care, gramps.
(Aug 04, 2015)
yo Tasty you broke Cricks 100% vote lol hope ur doing well....
(Aug 03, 2015)
Confirmed that Crick is staying:
(Aug 03, 2015)
Until you move them to BW again. We all know your vacation home is there.
(Aug 02, 2015)
If Crick stays I'll be staying on Crick and moving all of my other toons here as well.
(Jul 30, 2015)
guess will have to see which stay open BUT I will be staying on Crick more than likely
(Jul 30, 2015)
Sooooo... LOTRO server merges. Crickhollow seems likely to stick around, but I'm pondering a move to Landroval anyway. What's everybody else thinking?
(Jul 23, 2015)
I checked it out. It's not bad so far. No dwarfs though.
(Jul 22, 2015)
Isme? Is that French?
(Jul 21, 2015)
Bel a few of us are playing around in Rift..having fun..also ftp..
(Jul 21, 2015)
I'm trying out this new game Skyforge that just went into open beta. It's action combat kinda like Tera and it's f2p so if you decide to try it look me up. My name is Belegas Isme.
(Jul 20, 2015)
Dear Trion, plz quit breaking your servers, kthxbye
(Jul 16, 2015)
Anyone who logs into Rift this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (July 17-19) gets 3 days of free patron (sub) time.
(Jul 03, 2015)
ISP fizzled out earlier today. They said they couldn't fix it til monday, but it's working now. Weird. So if you don't see me this weekend, it got magically unfixed again.
(Jun 29, 2015)
Hopped into GW1 for festival. Quest did various untoward things to me. Either it was really difficult or I'm rusty. Or both.
(Jun 26, 2015)
I've heard "Bayer" asprin may help