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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Oct 08, 2015)
Log into steam so I can see when you're online and set up a time for us to play some
(Oct 07, 2015)
4 GB patch for rift? Guess I won't be in game for a couple days more. If only there was a game I was 99.9% of the way to a goal in...
(Oct 06, 2015)
Sounds like a trap.
(Oct 05, 2015)
So there is a trick you can try to skip the queue. When in queue change go to the select relm screen and just select Entity to go back in. Repeat until you get in. It saves your spot in queue anyways so you don't lose anything trying it.
(Oct 04, 2015)
Keep getting really long (30+ minute) queues for wildstar. Tell those other people to go away. :P
(Oct 01, 2015)
Lots of wildstar updates and server outages? I'm trying, but having bad luck.
(Sep 18, 2015)
You played it. That's plenty of time to see most of them. You just didn't realize they were problems. :p
(Sep 18, 2015)
I didn't get far enough to see any of the other problems :P
(Sep 17, 2015)
The movement in gw2 is the least of its problems.
(Sep 17, 2015)
I just cannot do GW2 the movement is wayyyy too slow after playing Wildstar so much. Speaking of which it's going F2P in a couple weeks I really hope you guys will give it a try!
(Sep 11, 2015)
This weekend (11-13) in Rift is free patron time with bonus xp.
(Sep 08, 2015)
d/dx (e^x) = e^x
(Sep 07, 2015)
Will be taking extended breaks for the next few weeks. Between School and Work I'm swamped. PS Toiben do my math homework.
(Aug 31, 2015)
I may give GW2 a try. I am still raiding in Wildstar, playing Skyforge until capped, and playing Tera a little now lol.
(Aug 30, 2015)
GW2 just went fully free to play. As in, you can play for free now. Expansions will still cost money though.
(Aug 26, 2015)
Transfered my warg from Brandy to Crick took about 2-3min...worked well n fast. side note I have 2 wargs on crick it allowed me to keep both.
(Aug 19, 2015)
If you have leftover FC points, pls log in to TSW and buy Issue 12 after tomorrow's update. It'll help show FC that people are interested in dungeons and such.
(Aug 06, 2015)
Lol! Hope ya'll are well too!Busy,busy here guys.Hoping to get back into the swing of things soon! :)
(Aug 05, 2015)
You do too care, gramps.
(Aug 04, 2015)
yo Tasty you broke Cricks 100% vote lol hope ur doing well....