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Manakeep 728x90
(Jun 25, 2016)
75% off all dlc lotro via steam
(Jun 15, 2016)
still can't get a good enough pug to complete the new ff14 story stuff :( need more dwarfs
(May 28, 2016)
Any1 have any info on that one..there are +1
(May 24, 2016)
hodor :(
(May 23, 2016)
"Hodor" no more ;[
(May 04, 2016)
May the fourth be with you
(Apr 20, 2016)
Guild Wars 11th anniversary event starts Friday. Get a hellhound, extra bank slot, and cool-looking weapons. :P
(Apr 15, 2016)
Lotro level up weekend is here,16,17 Yes Im looking at Tasty,T and Bram ;]
(Apr 11, 2016)
U18 Tom...;]
(Mar 14, 2016)
happy pi day
(Mar 11, 2016)
Hello people!Hope y'all are doing well!
(Feb 28, 2016)
Pokemon is now 20 years old. xD
(Jan 19, 2016)
Blade & Soul is now live! It's a lot of fun so far. I am mainly on the server Old Man Cho if anyone wants to try it out.
(Jan 14, 2016)
Lemmy, Bowie, and now Alan Rickman. Everybody be dyin lately.
(Dec 29, 2015)
Lemmy died :(
(Dec 26, 2015)
bah humbug
(Dec 25, 2015)
Merry Christmas everyone....
(Dec 21, 2015)
Overall I'm not impressed with BDO. Graphics are decent and combat is kinda fun but it's not very polished or user friendly.
(Dec 16, 2015)
And let us know whether it's better than Black Dessert Online.