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Manakeep 728x90
(Sep 01, 2019)
New 6 man and Tier 5 Instances ck w me in-game
(Oct 26, 2018)
New 3 n 6 mans are run daily check in FKH channel or ask in kin chat if interested
(Oct 09, 2018)
U23 Today go dorf's
(Aug 18, 2018)
U23 Lotro all about those beta
(Aug 07, 2016)
RIP, old friend
(Aug 02, 2016)
Thanks Tasty. So sad.
(Aug 02, 2016)
Just terrible news.I'm shocked and heartbroken for his family.
(Aug 01, 2016)
Terribly saddened for his family and close friends. You will be missed old buddy.
(Aug 01, 2016)
Heartbroken to hear about our dear friend Bram. Lots of love to his family. Miss you all- Luna
(Jul 31, 2016)
Just spoke w Del in kin.. Im in shock and very saddened...Bram you will be deeply missed, my sincere condolences to Hadsur and your family...
(Jul 31, 2016)
Send your prayers for his family (Hadsur is his son). I'll try to give some more updates as i know them...
(Jul 31, 2016)
He was on his motorcycle with his daughter and a elderly man drove on to the wrong side of the road and hit them. Bram didn't make it but his daughter is stable in ICU.
(Jul 31, 2016)
We lost an amazing kin member today guys....Bram died in a car accident last night.
(Jul 26, 2016)
Yellow jacket nest in my ceiling. I can't win. :(
(Jul 25, 2016)
yay finally finished the ff14 story update. only took 7 different pugs
(Jul 17, 2016)
IssY ;] shouldn't leave your number just anywhere you never know who will get it...(as Buro writes it down) lol how are you doing?
(Jul 14, 2016)
Toiben.... text me 8506875760