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Guild Wars 2 General Discussion

GW v GW2

I've been asked multiple times (sometimes by the same person) why I play Guild Wars when the "sequel" is out. The short answer is that they have almost nothing in common and I prefer GW over GW2. The long answer is...GW is a party-based, heavily-i...
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Guild Wars 2 General Discussion

GW2 New Player Experience

A couple weeks ago, Arenanet updated the game with what they called the new player experience. I hinted at it in the topic on other mmos, but I figured it warranted its own discussion.Originally, the entire game was open to you from the start. You...
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Guild Wars 2 General Discussion

GW2 Free Trial Week and 50% off

Slightly late notice, but GW2 has a free trial going from 00:00 September 25 through 23:59 on October 1, PST. DetailsAll you have to do is make an account and download it. Also, during this time, the game is 1/2 off, for $25-35 depending on the pa...
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Guild Wars 2 General Discussion

GW2 engineer

I picked the engineer because, well, I like science and tech. Unlike other classes, they aren't able to swap weapons. Instead, they have abilities that change their attack bar. They can wield a flamethrower, use tools, throw potions, etc. using th...
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Guild Wars 2 General Discussion

Guild Wars 2

Anyone going to try it out? I don't have much time for Video games these days working 12-14 hours a day, but If anyone does try it out please post your thoughts here =D
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