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Moors Moors Moors

Hey guys! last night i had an awesome time in the moors with buro petit and bare, and i realized what we are missing in our kin is some Moors fun! (imo)So do we have some people interested? We could get some people and split them in creeps/freeps ...
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Aristophane122381Member avatar small Buromier 5y
Group Events

Raid Nights

So far raid nights have been going well. I would like to take a minute to explain the current planning process behind them so that everyone has a general idea of what we're doing.The overarching goal is to complete content that most of us have not...
Small Tapkoh 6y
Tapkoh2451Small Alluna 6y
Group Events

Deed Hunting Event

Monday January 24, Will be our second Deed Hunting Event. The event will take place at 2PM central time. (Subject to Change)Please sign up here if you want to attend.To sign up post your character, Level, and the team you wish to be on.Group 11. L...
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Lanelthan91036Small Tapkoh 7y
Group Events

Weekly Deed Hunting

From now on we will be holding WEEKLY Deed Hunting events.These events will not only be a fun way for us to get used to playing with each other but they will also help YOU, and the Kinship.Good things this will accomplish.A. Get you your deeds!!!B...
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Lanelthan4599Member avatar small mici 7y
Group Events

Kinship Costume Contest

This is exactly what it sounds like!After speaking with a number of members about this, I've decided to start a costume contest - and the costume isn't silliest or stupidest or something like that (save it for the photo contest LoL) - I am looking...
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Dagoth Kuam3581Small Dagoth Kuam 7y
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