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[Pinned] Jeweler Registry
Jeweler (Accessories)

[Pinned] Jeweler Registry

Jewelers use gems (rubies, sapphires, etc) and precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, etc) to make Jewelry: items for wrist, ring, ear, and neck slots Rune-keeper stones Lore-master brooches Lore-master pet appearance-changing talismans Champio...
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Jeweler (Accessories)


Hello again, Aileth is also in need of any spare gemstones, T3(I think, rubies and sapphires?) and above.Please mail any spares you are willing to part with to Aileth. And as always, I'm happy to send out crops/food if anybody needs Ail
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Aileth2357Small Alluna 5y
Jeweler (Accessories)

Issy be a supreme master jewler

So if you need anything....tokens whutevah..Issy can make for you. If you have mats, please send just ore...mastering prospecting is getting on my last nerve. =)
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Jeweler (Accessories)

Jewelery for Kin

I recently hit Supreme Master Jeweler, if anyone needs anything crafted for them just let me know be glad to make it for you.
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Jeweler (Accessories)

Are you in need of jewellery help?

Hey all,I just wanted to let everyone know that I have finally made it to Kindred with the Jewellers Guild. So if anyone ever needs an upgrade in jewellery please feel free to ask, I would be glad to help out where I can.Also if you ever need hop...
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Jeweler (Accessories)

Araden's Jewellery

Apprentice - tier 2Journeyman - tier 2Expert - tier 2Artisan - tier 2Master - tier 1Supreme - tier 1The entire list of jewellery can be found here: 'Guild' pieces you will have to check with ...
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Jeweler (Accessories)

Nifur's Jewellery

Currently at: Supreme JewelerI can make pretty much any recipe up to Supreme, as I am still collecting recipes for that tier. However, keep in mind that until the Master/Supreme tiers the best (read: only useful) jewelery is stuff for the beginnin...
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