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Metalworker (Heavy Armor and Crafting Tools)

[Pinned] Metalsmith Registry

Metalsmiths use mostly non-precious metals (bronze, iron, etc) to make Heavy armour (captains, champions, guardians) Shields Crafting tools Rune-keeper chisels & rifflers Guardian belt LIs, captain emblem LIs Might relics If you are a metalsmi...
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Tapkoh51037Member avatar small Zanethian 5y
Metalworker (Heavy Armor and Crafting Tools)

Tasiti(Main of Minus)Supreme Master Metalsmith+guild Kin

I will make anything you desire.All I ask is that you post it here or send a mail in game so I don't forget.You will need to supply mats unless I have them readily available.(Mithril flakes mostly)I emphasize posted requests or mail requests becau...
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Minus1395Small Minus 6y
Metalworker (Heavy Armor and Crafting Tools)

Toiben's Metalwork

EDIT: Up to date as of April 15, 2011.What I Can MakeMetalsmiths make primarily heavy armor and shields, but can also make crafting tools and rune-keeper chisels and rifflers. I have almost all recipes for all tiers so chances are very good that I...
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Metalworker (Heavy Armor and Crafting Tools)

Honest Willy's Armour Shop

Hello and welcome to Honest Willy's Armour Shop.Due to a lack of available store front, business rental properties in the City of Bree proper, currently, we are located in the Auction House.The following is a list of everything that I can do for y...
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Metalworker (Heavy Armor and Crafting Tools)

Requesting Heavy Armor - Work Orders

As a Note: I will only personally be making Armor for 30+ at this time. As we get more and more metalworkers, I hope to only be making Supreme level items. I will be passing off work orders to other Kin members that are metalworkers to help raise ...
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