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Gearing our fellow kin members

We've been chatting about this for awhile now so I figured I'd post it.We have quite a few members that may be lacking in armor as well as other things like building their weapons up or not having 2nd age weapons at lvl 65.Other things may also in...
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Attention to those that actually read the forums

You know,I just typed almost two pages and decided the hell with it....I am turning in my position as officer.If you would like to know why,please ask.I will be happy to tell you.
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Ok, so I know not many of us venture out to Moors ever. However I am wanting to perhaps get a group going out once in a while maybe as creeps to try something new if you haven't already. I have 2 creeps I play on. I think its kinda fun and want to...
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Voice Chat Server

So I was thinking...Since we got booted from the vent we had for whatever reason, maybe we could think about maybe setting up a PayPal and taking donations. Then everyone can pitch in and it would be everyone's so we don't have to worry about some...
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Barter System

It would be nice if we could set up a barter system for people to get things crafted. I know I don't like to charge Kinmates for something that cost me little to nothing. I would rather trade for things. If we could set up a system and list of cra...
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Contest Suggestions

Archtos' image of himself in Dol Vaeg during the last contest inspired me;Take an first person image of your surroundings and post it to the website. The race is now on. The first person to trade with the poster wins.Of course the image should n...
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Off Topic Tread!

I think we need an off-topic tread. To just talk about random crap =DLike, other games we like, movies, tv, random stuff, ect...What do you think?
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