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Guardians & Tanking

I'm not trying to write an informative guide or anything here. This is my first MMO and I've only been grouping since I joined the kinship, so I'm by no means an expert. All my previous tanking experience comes from single-player games where I con...
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Tapkoh151696Small Tapkoh 6y

Brisket's Big Book of Knowledge

I will gradually update this as a minstrel healing/dps thread. Until I figure out how to heal/dps on a minstrel, i currently use the following:/face2keyboard/roll/repeat until mobs are deadIf there are any questions, please let me know and I can ...
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Brisket7841Small Cliffle 7y

Your Comprehensive Champion's Guide Part 1 - DPS

I will begin by saying there are many Champion builds out there, but I'm going to give you a simple step-by-step one that doesn't require you to be level 65 for it to apply.I will also say that this guide will constantly change based on how I disc...
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