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Guides and Strategies

[Pinned] How to Acquire a Mount (Your First Horse)

If you are Free to Play:First, you will need to acquire the riding skill from the online store.If you visit the online store in game (Button in lower right corner of HUD) and get yourself the Riding Skill (Use the search bar or look under the best...
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Guides and Strategies

Big Battle Side Quests Guide little info for everyone starting Big Battles. Can help with those ever elusive platinum rewards.
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Guides and Strategies

Leveling Guide

So i finally logged into the kin site and now i can post stuff. People have asked me how i level characters so fast and some have asked me to put up a guide on the kin site so here goes nothing. Before I begin I'll add some side no...
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Guides and Strategies

Tanking Stats

This is all opinion and based on what I've experienced, read, and toyed with. Since so much of the game's inner workings are not shared, you're not going to get too much more than that.There are six stats one has to worry about when tanking: moral...
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Guides and Strategies

Guide to Hytbold some of you reach Lvl 84 you can start doing the 5 Daily quest to start rebuilding the town and saving up for the armour. Depending ...
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Guides and Strategies

How to get tons of Relics and Shards

Damo gave me the idea of solo farming Stoneheight so I began looking around the Lotro forums to see what some other people said. For those interested here is a Linky!! to all those interested in pretty good and "efficient" ways to gain tons of rel...
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Guides and Strategies

Finesse and Resist Legacies

Although it was specifically done for the lore-master class, I figured this warranted reposting for everyone, since LMs aren't the only debuffers / mezzers / tactical damagers.Here is a topic where someone went over what "fair," "good," and "super...
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Guides and Strategies


Virtues are a popular topic for questions on the official forums. People often ask about which ones they should use. Here's a rundown of virtues and which ones are good and which ones are best avoided. I'll break them up into groups based on their...
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Guides and Strategies

How to keep your tank happy

I've noticed a few things going on in groups that, while not necessarily always destructive in what we're running, are nonetheless bad habits and will result in bad things in more difficult content. So I'm taking some time to lay them out and hope...
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Guides and Strategies

Damage in Lotro, and how to increase it intelligently

The FormulaDamage = α·β·δ·σ'·σ·(y%·dmg + x) ...where: α = ∑(Incoming Damage Bonuses)(Reveal Weakness, etc.)β = Mob Mitigation/Level Difference Effect (add back any -mitigation buffs)δ = Crit Multiplier ie:· ranged auto attack crit/dev: δ = 1.3· me...
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Guides and Strategies

Damage in LotRO

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Guides and Strategies

Saruman guide guide I came across, maybe something in there that can help us with phase 5....
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Guides and Strategies

Questions Answered

Here is where I will answer the questions I received in-game after petitioning everyone for them. I have only received one so far, so this will be one (albeit long) answer.Q: What traits should I focus on and is there an overall strategy to healin...
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Guides and Strategies

Guardian 101 for non-guards

I've heard a lot of chatter about bad tanks (usually guards) and heard some things that made me realize not everyone realizes how we work. When we work right, you notice, but I thought I'd share why we work well and offer insight into why one of y...
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Guides and Strategies


Getting some questions in game about it so here comes an explanation.Finesse does 2 things: reduces your target's (or targets', depending) resistance and reduces their block, parry, and evade (henceforth "bpe"). Similarly, a mob with finesse will ...
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Guides and Strategies

What's the difference between...

I thought I'd write up yet another random idea that popped into my head. Actually, this time it was an idea for a series of posts, not necessarily all by myself. If someone else sees fit to add something along these lines, that'd be cool and save ...
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Guides and Strategies

How threat works

Just thought I'd go over how threat actually works in Lotro based on what I have read over the past several months (mostly from devs, though they might have changed things) and my own experiences. I don't know if anyone is actually interested in t...
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Guides and Strategies

Know Your Roles

I'm going to preface this by saying I am not an expert in this yet, but I figure sharing what do I know is not a bad thing. Some people may not know this, others likely know the finer points much better than I (and if so, then share).TankingTankin...
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Guides and Strategies

Watch Your Feet

I've seen people both in and not in the kin flub this up and I too occasionally don't pay enough attention to this. I'm talking about positioning. Where you are in relation to the mob(s) and rest of the group. I can't help everyone, but I can help...
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Guides and Strategies

Legendaries is an excellent guide for the Legendary System. Many people seem to have questions and I figured it would be easier to direct them to this guide rather than answer the same questions constan...
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