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This thread is to post your in-game housing address if you're open to people coming to visit your house and check it out.

Toiben's house is at 4 Roaring Road, Hrimhath, Thorin's Hall homestead.

Directions: If you know where the kin house is, head left up the stairs that way. It will be the last house on the left before the bridge, in a little nook. Alternatively, if you were heading from where the kinhouse would be to the entrance, it's the first house on the right after passing the bridge. If you have no idea where the kin house is, then as soon as you enter the homesteads, turn left and head up the stairs. Follow the path until you reach a bridge. Right before that bridge, turn left into that housing lot.
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My house is located in Bree homestead.

6 Chestnut Street in Hirshaw
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Hallsdown, Shire Homesteads
6 Chalk Lane currently
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