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If you are Free to Play:

First, you will need to acquire the riding skill from the online store.

If you visit the online store in game (Button in lower right corner of HUD) and get yourself the Riding Skill (Use the search bar or look under the bestsellers tab).

It will cost you 95 TP which everyone should have from registering on, unless you foolishly wasted them on something, which at this point in the game you shouldn't have.

Ok now you have the riding skill...where do you go?

Collect 500s (it seems daunting, but it is truly not that much and can be made with a couple hours of grinding) and go to this location:

Here, talk to Eoger and you can buy your horse. Never buy the 200s, as it is a slower horse.

Now, your horse is not an item. Go to your skill menu here:

Drag your horse icon (indicated by the top arrow) to your hot bars and click to use.

Congratulations you have a mount!

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