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First, let me say welcome to The Sixth House!

We appreciate you joining us and look forward to working with you in the future!

So who are we? We are a group of casual players that, for the time being, have a central hub in the Bree region. While we may not all have capped characters, we are able to provide you with excellent help and services while being in Sixth House.

So what can Sixth House provide for you?

- Help/Advice: We will patiently answer any questions you have about the game. Are you stuck and need help? No problem!

- Kinship Fund: We have an ever increasing inventory of items available for our full fledged members should they need assistance. These mostly include items needed to complete the class quest at level 45, but also includes cosmetics, recipe scrolls, and some purple loot.

- Kinship Events: We will be hosting special Kinship events on occasion. All levels are welcome to participate. Participation dictates the number of events each week.

- Crafted Items of All Levels: If you are in need of better armor, weapons, food, or other items, we are able to provide these items. You might be asked for a nominal fee to cover costs incurred while crafting your items, but this will be significantly less than buying equal items from the Auction House

- Extra Auction Slots: Need some more slots to sell items in the Auction House? These slots can be provided.

What does The Sixth House expect from you?

- New members will be on a provisional basis for a period of no less than one week. After this period, you will be promoted to Kinsman and will become a full fledged member, should it be decided you are a good fit for the kinship.

- During these initial time periods, you will not receive any items/funds from the Kinship fund. You may trade with other members and receive services from members of the Kinship.

- Be active and participate. We don't expect you to play every day, but we would like to see you more than once a week. If you are someone that can only play the weekends, that is absolutely no problem. Just let me know ahead of time.

- Contribute. We aren't out to take all your items and silver...quite the opposite. I wouldn't expect brand new members to begin donating items/silver right away. But do help members that become newer than you, contribute advice or assistance if you can. a positive member of the Kinship!

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