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A new change is coming to Rift in the next couple days and it has people in an uproar. Trion is making the earring slots unlock and the Planewalker: Water title (a necessary title to wear some gear) un-earnable with in game methods.

Currently, there are 3 methods to get these two items. You can buy the Nightmare Tide expansion for real money and (I believe) every version offers at least these two unlocks. You can buy these unlocks or the expansion in the store for credits already. The last method is buy purchasing them from the cash store using Void Stone, the late game PVE currency (the earrings are a per character unlock though). They're removing that last one as an option.

Why? Basically, it's too easy to earn VS now, with all the content in NT and the new Planetouched Wilds. You'd still have to hit the VS weekly cap for 5 weeks in a row to buy both, which is insanely grindy, but you could do it.

People are getting upset because Rift has always said that they want to avoid being pay to win and want to have all the best stuff earned through gameplay, not money. Well, you can't equip the best earrings if you don't have the unlock now can you? It's to the point that if you join a really hard dungeon or raid and don't have earrings at all, you will probably be vote-kicked.

This is further compounded by buying store currency in game. Unless you make some purchase or use the item you can buy from other players (REX), you are limited to 2500 platinum. On North American servers, REX goes for 2200-2400 roughly. It's a pain in the ass, but doable. However, on European servers, REX goes for over 3000 plat. A new free to play European player is utterly out of options.

Trion is skirting around this by saying they technically aren't selling gear on the store. Players counter that they're selling the gateway to gear that is damn near mandatory for anyone serious about the game. In general, the very vocal players are not so much upset that Trion is trying to get money (honestly most of them already have the account-wide unlocks), but rather that they feel they are taking the game in a direction Trion explicitly said they would not go. There has also been some slightly shady practices in the past, so it's stirring that pot again.

Of course, you also have the people shouting that it doesn't matter what free to play players want since they aren't spending money. Missing the point as ever, imo. Personally, I think it sucks, but I've seen worse.
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