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Quik write I found in forum's...

First mini-boss, tank/spank with healer challenge, player gets irremovable wound, healer bubbles/heals/player morale pots and uses self heals while tank takes care of him/herself. More adds come in at 50% boss morale.

Troll boss, clear adds in center to activate troll, then don't pull threat, let orcs also beat up on him. He has a brutal scripted attack when he raises his club and "winds up", just be behind him à la Io's Peak giant doing overhand club attack. He also stuns, punts, and has an AoE. Rock throw on T2 might take out tank who gets too far away.

Final boss, CC (chain mez) harrowing spirit, debuff like crazy as boss's attacks do huge damage.

Also to add...Most people are going in with min. 20k morale (capped mits) due to unavailable bleeds n random aggro attacks etc.

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