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Not everything Turbine does will please everyone or please them all the time. Some people will quit playing LotRO and move on to other games. Rather than go our separate ways entirely, we are listing here guilds, kinships, corporations, or what have you that others have made in games other than LotRO. Consider them an official extension of the kinship we have formed here. If you find yourself playing one of the games on this list, look these groups up. If you want to add a guild you have created to the list that has the expressed purpose of being a meeting place for Sixth House folk, send me a PM with the details and how to apply.

  • Payment model: F2P w/ sub option.
  • Server: Faeblight (RP PVE)
  • Guild: The Sixth House
  • Directions: Press O to bring up the social panel. Select the Search tab at the bottom. In the guild field, search for The Sixth House. If anyone is online, send them a tell and they can get you invited. If no one is online, then try searching for "Toiben" in the character field.
  • Note: Either side can join guilds and participate in group content, but if you want to easily group up for quests and the like, choose Defiant side.
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  • Tera has become F2P earlier this year. Unlike many other P2P games that have swapped to a F2P model, Tera does not require any subscriptions or payments to unlock content (that I have observed thus far).
  • Server: Ascension Valley (PvE)
  • Guild: (Will be) The Sixth House (like LOTRO, a minimum number of people is required to create a guild)
  • I have a few characters, but none max level yet. I do, however, have quite a bit of gold that I can share to help you get a good start.
  • Play is straightforward. All players start in the same area regardless of race/class. Velika is the main city that you will reach around LvL11-12 where we can meet up to create the guild. Please notify via forums if you are interested in trying out Tera.

Guild Wars 2

  • GW2 requires no subscription, but you must purchase the game retail (DVD or Digital Copies are available)
  • Server: Gates of Madness
  • Guild: The Sixth House. Low level, but already has guild storage and slight development.
  • You must be invited to join. Please contact if you are interested.
  • GW2 is very different from any other MMO. You could technically reach LvL 80 (cap) by playing in all of the areas LvL40 and under (this is due to auto level scaling).
  • There is not really any endgame content for GW2. However, the PvP is fully unlocked and available from LvL1 (meaning you can go in with a new character and have access to all traits and skills for your class) and World vs World is like Monster Play of LOTRO. In contrast, World vs World is a three-server battle (servers *can change every week based on points) for four open PvP maps. There are keeps, castles, outposts, and supply points that are ripe for the picking. Siege Engines can be built and used in conjunction with large scale assaults. Unfortunately, you are at a severe disadvantage if you are not LvL80.
  • It does not take long in GW2 to level cap characters.

#8108980 Jul 09, 2013 at 09:30 AM
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The Secret World
TSW's guild system (called "cabals") is pretty broken and only provides one real benefit in addition to its problems. Therefore, I'm setting up a custom chat channel for us to use instead.
  • Payment model: Buy once, play for free (ala GW2)
  • Server: Everything is cross-server so doesn't matter
  • Chat: Upon log in use the command /chat join #T6H4L to enter the channel. Keep this secret, as there is no way to password a channel (yet).
  • Always log in: You automatically leave custom chat channels upon logging off. If you want to avoid typing that in every time you log in, create a file called auto_login using a text editor and put the command in the body of the text. Make sure it has no file extension (no .txt at the end). Place auto_login in [your install directory]/Scripts folder and it should automatically log you into the chat each time you log in.
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