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General Rules

1. Only Roll / Need on items that feature your main stat/role.

Will: RK, LM, Mini
Agility: Burg, Hunter
Might: Champ, Captain, dps Guard, dps Warden
Vitality: Guard, Warden, tank Champ, tank Captain

2. Pass on anything Bind on Acquire that you cannot use. If nobody in the entire group can use it, like a BoA warden shield with no warden in the group, anyone can Roll / Need it for selling. Items outside the main stat of anyone in the group can be rolled on for cosmetic purposes by those who can equip it.

3. Greed, Pass, and/or ask first about items that do not feature your main stat/role or you would like for an alt. Defer to anyone whose role/class fit that item. If it is an upgrade for them, do not roll against them without expressed permission.

4. Don't lay claim to an item or try to bully/manipulate people into letting you be the only person to roll on an item. Anyone who goes through the instance and has claim to an item under the rules is free to roll.

5. Any disputes over loot or complaints about how loot was handled are to be brought to an officer or the kin leader's attention. Under no circumstances cause a scene in group chat or ventrilo. There is to be no public whining, crying, moaning, or "dramatic exits" from group or game.

Need/Greed/Pass or Roll/Pass

1. Everyone can hit Roll / Need for relics, ixp runes, recipes, and other generic items.

For Raids w/ Master Looter

For the raid leader
1. Link all items of importance in chat before commencing on rolling. This includes BoA armour, weapons, jewelry, trophies, and special crafting items. The raid leader will announce if this is not possible due to volume of items.

2. Items should be rolled on in order of importance to the group at large. If everyone was waiting for one particular item (like a worn symbol of the elder king), then roll on that first.

3. BoA items that are specific to a class may be auto-assigned to a person at the raid leader's prerogative if that person is the only one of that class in the raid. This does not count toward the limit for Rule 1 below.

4. You may assign Bind on Equip or completely unbound items to yourself or a trusted individual in order to see all of the BoA loot. These items will be rolled on as usual and will be traded to the winner or mailed.

5. If changing the roll rule from highest wins, notify the raid ahead of time to avoid misunderstanding.

For everyone
1. Any person who rolled on an item and won cannot roll on subsequent items until such a time as everyone in the raid has received something.

2. If someone has previously won something and an item available is an upgrade for only that same person, then that person may have the item. In other words, if the options are letting the item sit in the chest, giving it to someone else to sell, or giving it to a person who can use it, then giving it to the person who can use it is the correct choice.

3. Highest roll wins (default). The raid leader however can overrule any roll if it is in violation of any of the previous rules. Given advance warning, the raid leader can modify the roll rule.

4. During any raid, if everyone in a raid agrees to a modification of these rules, they can do so for that raid only.

More like guidelines really
These exemplify attitudes of The Sixth House. These are not rules so if you do not follow them, you are not going to be censured, but you might rub some folks the wrong way.

1. Don't roll on items others can actually use just so you can turn a profit in the AH.
2. If you're on an alt and someone else is on their main/only toon, consider not rolling on an item to help them gear out at least one character.
3. Don't roll on high level items for an alt if your alt is far from that level and others could use that item.
4. If you're primarily caster dps or an offtank, consider letting a healer or the main tank have first go at an upgrade.
5. If someone else has not won a particular crafting item (symbol, scales) and you have, consider not rolling.
6. Do not roll on items with the sole intent of using that item as leverage or trade with someone who won an item you wanted.
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