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Scholars use a variety of old artifacts to make a large number of consumables, such as
  • Potions: morale, power, disease, fear, poison, wound
  • Hunters: bow chants, focus potions, books
  • Fire/light oils for hunters & wardens
  • Champion: fervour potion
  • Guardian: Overpower tactics
  • Lore-master: books, parables
  • Jewelry: pocket items (westfold)
  • Rune-keepers: enamels, inlays
  • Minstrels: sheet music
  • Captain: battle tonics
  • Crafting lore (increase crafting critical success chance)
  • Mastery & Mitigation buff scrolls
  • Clothing dyes & housing paints
  • Lore-master book LIs, minstrel songbook LIs
  • Power relics

If you are a scholar or have one who is willing to be contacted to craft stuff for kinmates, post below and I (or a moderator) will add your name to the list. State any conditions and what level of crafting you can do.
  • Tomilac (alt of Toiben): Eastemnet scholar
  • Bramuil: Westfold scholar
  • Yumia: Westfold scholar/with Guild
  • Eldariel (Iaz): Westfold scholar
  • Naethromraw: Westfold scholar
Guild Wars, WildStar (exile): Toiben Firehammer
The Secret World: Priphea
Guild Wars 2: Tapkoh.4061
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Bramuil: Eastemnet Scholar, maxed Guild membership, single-use recipes when available
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Eldariel (Iazerua) - Westfold/Guild Scholar
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#6280006 Jun 19, 2012 at 09:53 AM
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Naethromraw: Westfold/Guild Scholar
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