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Kinship News

[Pinned] The Sixth House in other games

Not everything Turbine does will please everyone or please them all the time. Some people will quit playing LotRO and move on to other games. Rather than go our separate ways entirely, we are listing here guilds, kinships, corporations, or what ha...
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[Pinned] Tailor Registry
Tailor (Light and Medium Armor, Guards, Bands, and Bindings)

[Pinned] Tailor Registry

Tailors use leather to make Light armour (lore-masters, minstrels, rune-keepers) Medium armour (wardens, hunters, burglars) Cloaks Captain standards and armaments Burglar signals and tools Rune-keeper satchels Rune-keeper satchel LIs, burglar too...
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Metalworker (Heavy Armor and Crafting Tools)

[Pinned] Metalsmith Registry

Metalsmiths use mostly non-precious metals (bronze, iron, etc) to make Heavy armour (captains, champions, guardians) Shields Crafting tools Rune-keeper chisels & rifflers Guardian belt LIs, captain emblem LIs Might relics If you are a metalsmi...
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Weaponsmith (Single and Two-Handed Weapons)

[Pinned] Weaponsmith Registry

Weaponsmiths use mostly non-precious metals (bronze, iron, etc.) to make Melee weapons: swords, daggers, axes, maces, halberds Ranged: throwing axes Burglar throwing knives & hatchets Burglar tricks (caltrops, stun dust, marbles) Hunter traps ...
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Crafting Hall

[Pinned] Crafting Registry

I will be adding new topics to each of the crafting forums listing what a particular craft can do and asking for people to volunteer their crafting services. All that's required is a person be willing to be contacted to craft things for kinmates. ...
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Cooking & Farming

[Pinned] Cook / Farmer Registry

Farmers create materials for cooks primarily, but also ingredients for dyes, paints, and lure traps. Cooks use materials gathered from mainly farming to make In- and non-combat morale and power regen (cooked) food Resistance-increasing (fortifying...
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Instances and Skirmishes

[Pinned] Kinship Loot Rules

General Rules1. Only Roll / Need on items that feature your main stat/role.Will: RK, LM, MiniAgility: Burg, HunterMight: Champ, Captain, dps Guard, dps WardenVitality: Guard, Warden, tank Champ, tank Captain2. Pass on anything Bind on Acquire that...
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[Pinned] Scholar Registry
Scholar (Scrolls, Potions, and Dyes)

[Pinned] Scholar Registry

Scholars use a variety of old artifacts to make a large number of consumables, such as Potions: morale, power, disease, fear, poison, wound Hunters: bow chants, focus potions, books Fire/light oils for hunters & wardens Champion: fervour potio...
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[Pinned] Jeweler Registry
Jeweler (Accessories)

[Pinned] Jeweler Registry

Jewelers use gems (rubies, sapphires, etc) and precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, etc) to make Jewelry: items for wrist, ring, ear, and neck slots Rune-keeper stones Lore-master brooches Lore-master pet appearance-changing talismans Champio...
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Woodworker (Bows and Spears)

[Pinned] Woodworker Registry

Woodworkers use (guess what?) wood to make Melee weapons: clubs, hammers, spears, staves Ranged weapons: bows, crossbows, javelins Captain crests Rune-keeper parchments Warden carvings and battle hymns Instruments Champion horns Weapon LIs (as lis...
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Instances and Skirmishes

[Pinned] Raid Preparedness - READ

In order to be prepared to raid and make things run smoothly (REQUIRED):*Have all your gear repaired.*Show up 15 minutes prior to the raid start time.*Bring at least 5 cooked food consumables (the ones that give in-combat moral-regen and power-reg...
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General Discussion

[Pinned] Kinship Directory

This thread is to post your in-game housing address if you're open to people coming to visit your house and check it out. Toiben's house is at 4 Roaring Road, Hrimhath, Thorin's Hall homestead.Directions: If you know where the kin house is, head l...
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Guides and Strategies

[Pinned] How to Acquire a Mount (Your First Horse)

If you are Free to Play:First, you will need to acquire the riding skill from the online store.If you visit the online store in game (Button in lower right corner of HUD) and get yourself the Riding Skill (Use the search bar or look under the best...
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Kinship News

[Pinned] Welcome from Dagoth Kuam!

Hello everyone!Let me start by saying welcome to our little corner of the world! I needed a location that I could put out more information at one time, and where we could have discussions/communicate even if we were not all online at the same time...
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Kinship News

[Pinned] Intro for New Members to The Sixth House

First, let me say welcome to The Sixth House!We appreciate you joining us and look forward to working with you in the future!So who are we? We are a group of casual players that, for the time being, have a central hub in the Bree region. While we ...
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General Discussion

Final Fantasy XIV

I bought a humble bundle over the holidays for a dirt cheap amount and got a bunch of squeenix-published games (that Square Enix for the uninitiated). This included the base version of their MMO FF14. Seeing as I haven't seen anyone else around re...
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Free Discussion

GoG connect

If you have both a Steam account and a GOG account, GOG is giving you free games (in a sense). If you connect your two accounts, then "selected" games in your steam library will be added to your GOG account for free. Basically, you'll have the gam...
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General Discussion

Deal with the dwarf

I've said about half of this to a couple of you in game or elsewhere, so I'll lay this all out here for clarification.I will not play LotRO (i.e. no questing, expacs, etc). I will not go through all the LI garbage or the gear grind or anything alo...
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General Discussion

Using Discord Now

They're dropping the English and Portuguese versions. I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't read Russian so...yeah, I uninstalled it. If we REALLY want a voice option, we'll have to look for something else.
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General Discussion

Lotro nights

Hello all that are still around! Been awhile but I'm still here. Haven't gamed much but was talking with a couple friends and we are trying to figure out which nights we are going to play. Probably not more than one or two nights a week and see ho...
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