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Rune Keeper

Update 6 RK changes

source: Calming Verse is losing its current buffs of damage and healing and getting a new "functionality." The damage and healing are supposed to be reworked somehow so no one misses the CV buff.Source: Improved Essay only affects next fire skill....
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Rune Keeper

Rune Keeper Virtue Discussion

I wanted to pick every one else brains and throw out my ideas on Virtues.Wisdom - Can't really beat +30 Will.Idealism - Will, fate and fear resist. Honesty - Armor, fate and power.Empathy - Armor, fate and fear resit.Justice - inCombat morale Rege...
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Rune Keeper

Healer Chat Channel

Hey all you RK's and Mini's! I was thinking we could use our own healer chat channel to discuss healing tactics and bad mouth the tanks....I was thinking something along the lines of SixthHouseHeals but it's only a suggestion.
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Rune Keeper

Rune-Keeper End Game Armour

Hey RKsFor anyone that might be interested I’ve created a spreadsheet you can access below that compares end game armour sets for the RK.
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