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U14 Champion Changes

Saw this in the forums and thought I would pass along. These are from the dev's notes, so are a bit rough:The Martial Champion- Trait – Vitality Increase – Progression buffed to be more competitve- Enhanced Trait – Riposte – Increase damage/rank ...
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Champion aggro management

Post U10 has brought us a ton of gear, jewelry, relic choices as well as gold class drops. Most classes can build for a lot PM and Crit which can be a problem drawing aggro. So what can we do as Champions First is let the tank go in grab and p...
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Good Video to check out for us Tanks Put this in the Champs section but good for all tanks in reguards to avoidances n Finesse ratings n such.
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Starting Point for Champs to be Shooting for Stat Wise

This is from some of the post from LOTRO forums, but is a good starting point to shoot for stat wise, it is for an overall general build and will vary depending what you are looking for ie: all out DPS, Off Tanking, Tanking, or just a mix.I reco...
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The REALLY Ultimate Champions guide

This is the same person that wrote the 2Hand guide that got me straightened around. Lots of good information, not just a picture of his stats lol! And its current /shock.
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Ultimate Champion Guide

I will be adding to this day by day...due to the fact it is me writing this and I'm not copy-pasting someone else's write up.In this guide we will look at max stat build gear.Also, we are going to look at max DPS with different skills depending on...
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Champion Watcher prep article

This article is based off of another Kinship strategy, but the prep of your character is sound. Some of these things are pretty common values considered to be mandatory to succeeed.Source:
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Two-Handed Champion theorycraft article
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