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Dropping by to say hello

Hello everyone.This is Minusturd(The name is a long story)from Crickhollow server.Ran into one of your members out in the wolf cave of Enedwaith today.Buromier is his name I believe.Anyway,nice guy.We helped each other through the daily repeat and...
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hey all, excuse my lazy typing as i introduce myself.. figured it was time as even tho i am not a full-fledged member, i feel at home at a nice kinship name is keith, im 27, live in northern KY, and have only been playing lotro for 5-6 mon...
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Heori: Gamer, Chef, Husband!

Hello, my fellow Kin members! I've actually been in the Kinship for a couple of weeks now, so I felt like I should introduce myself a little better.I'm a fairly avid gamer, I especially love MMOs. I've been playing MMOs since the early days of Ult...
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Hello people

My character is Maec, a dwarf champion. I also have a mid 30s Hunter as well and will probably putter around with an RK when I grab Moria.I've been playing MMO's since about 96' when DarkSunsOnline was released, then I beta'd UO, then moved to EQ...
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Allow Me to Introduce Myself

I'm Kevin, born & raised in South Jersey. I am 29 and work as a Paralegal, although I am currently out of work and may change jobs soon. I graduated from Drexel University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in History & Politics. I am a Ve...
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Greetings All:I thought I would take a few minutes and introduce myself. I go by Sadorven both here and in game. I did play Evony for a long time, but this is really my first try at a true MMO.My character is a Man/Captain. I am about to master...
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Hello one and all,I hope this does not get confusing for you but I'm known by many names in LOTRO. To make matters worse it is not the name I'm posting with. However I can only hope that I've made enough impression upon some of you that my singula...
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Okay, so I am finally getting around to doing this.Real Life----------My name is William Tello (my friends call me Bill). I have an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and I've been a Windows desktop application software developer for over 2...
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Hey everyone!My real name is John. Im from upstate New York, but currently live in Texas. My name Jankee is just an older form of Yankee. I currently attend school at TSTC-Waco and have one semester left. I am going for Biomedical Equipment Te...
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My self intro

Right. Live in the US; Montana to be exact. Got a bachelor's in physics, learned a lot of Japanese, studied a bit of German and linguistics. Can't find a job in any of the above yet, so I'm now working part time as a pharmacy technician at the loc...
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Hello future lotro friends!

Hey all...Just recently started LOTRO a few weeks ago. I have been playing MMOs for a few years and trying my best to not get addicted... to much. My first was Everquest in 98 for about, oh... five years. Then a bit of SWG. Then a bit of FFXI...
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Hello from Firth

Hey all I haven't been ignoring all the chat on purpose. Just trying to learn the game and absorb everything-have only been playing for a few weeks. I learn a lot just from reading the gen discussion, as well as the kinship discussion.I currentl...
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Hey guys, just wanted to post a quick introduction.I'm from the west coast of Canada and I've just started playing lotro a couple days ago so I'm quite new to all this. Other than lotro I haven't played any MMO's. Currently I'm a level 19 hunter b...
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Hey guys!

I joined about a week ago, character name Caila Swift (currently a level 36 hunter)I'm a pretty casual player, I play maybe 3 times a week, average of about 3-4 hours per session, usually past 11PM pacific time. I'm totally up for helping anyone o...
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Hey all - Twi

Hey all,Just wanted to say hey. I'm an old school lotro player who's recently come back after taking a break from the game. I used to roll on the Nim. server but decided to come back on a new server with a fresh new character to see all that Tur...
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